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Septic tanks may not be the most pleasurable thing to care for, but it is significant that you simply keep your septic tank clean. If you don’t, chances are it will become backed up. This can cause over flow in not only your toilet, but sometimes bathtub. Things such as feminine products, soil, grease and insecticides are just a couple of what shouldn’t go down the drain. Should any of these items go down into your drain, you risk backing up your septic system. There are special tools and products that the Cordova, AK septic professionals use that can help keep your septic system clean. In addition, there are compounds that can help the bacteria grow within the tank so your waste dissolves faster.





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Using a metal snake hose into your drain is one way to clear out your septic system. In order to clean the tank completely, you will need to pump it. Pumping your septic helps keep any sludge or debris from stopping up the system. Pumping the tank should be done occasionally. Most septic service experts recommend septic tank pumping is done every 3 to 5 years, depending on several variables. Those variables are septic tank size, number of people in the household and the quantity of water going into the system.

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